PHOTO: Angelica Panganiban Replied To A Clever Comment About Carlo Aquino

Angelica Panganiban Replied To A Clever Comment About Carlo Aquino

ANGELICA PANGANIBAN – Actress Angelica Panganiban made a response on a witty comment in one of her photos regarding Carlo Aquino.

Angelica made a post on Instagram. In the photo, she was at the Fontana di Trevi-Roma (Trevi Fountain in Rome).

In her caption, she was greeting a friend named James, who she said is the “natitirang matitinong Aquino” that she loves and a part of her family.

Here is the post on Instagram:

The post gained at about 26K likes as of the moment. There are netizens who made witty comments in regards to her caption.

One netizen made a comment using one of her lines in one of her movies entitled “One More Try”. Here is the netizen’s comment:

“Ang pagmamahal ni Angge hindi basta-basta nauubos pero ang matininong AQUINO konting-konti na lang…. ganun?😂😂😂”

@_iamdeanroll_ on Instagram

But the striking one was the comment from a netizen named @nov55555 who commented about her ex-boyfriend Carlo Aquino. Here is the netizen’s comment:

“Carlo aquino left the group”

@nov55555 on Instagram

Angelica further made a witty comeback on the netien’s comment, saying that Carlo already done it for a long time.

“@nov55555 matagal na nyang ginawa. :)”

@iamangelicap on Instagram

Netizens further reacted to Angelica’s response. Here are their comments:


@prizma on Instagram

“@iamangelicap HAHAHA OMG 😂😭”

@dkeziahx on Instagram

“@iamangelicap hahahha. Mga hashtags nyo madam . Kaabang-abang talaga..”

@mystique_unic0rn on Instagram

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