Filipino And 7 Chinese Arrested For Allegedly Kidnapping Attempt At NAIA

A Filipino And 7 Chinese Nationals Were Arrested For Allegedly Kidnapping Attempt At NAIA

NAIA- 1 Filipino and 7 Chinese nationals were arrested for allegedly attempting to kidnap a Chinese man at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 on Friday.

Recently, there are lots of cases of kidnapping in the Philippines involving Chinese nationals. According to the reports, Chinese syndicates only kidnapped their fellow Chinese because of unpaid loans and some undisclosed reasons.

Filipino And 7 Chinese
Photo Source: Rappler

On November 1, 2019, while passengers flock because of “Undas”, 7 Chinese nationals along with 1 Filipino tries to kidnapped a Chinese man. The suspects along with his companion allegedly forced the victim to go inside their vehicle for a still undisclosed reason.

According to a report from the, The victim was identified as Zhouzeng Lin. He is having a meeting with one of the suspects named Zhao Xin at about 6:25 a.m to settle his load of P30,000 after arranging his visa.

Luckily, the security personnel station of the NAIA has seen the commotion and quickly responds to the victim. Reports said the commotion caught the attention of security personnel.

According to the article, police said the suspects were arrested to the Police Intelligence and Investigation Division of the Airport Police Department(APD) headquarters.

Other Chinese suspects were identified as Huang Yuhang, Cheng Yuqi, Xiong Yao, Pan Chinglin, Liu Huan, and Nie Shaolin, while the Filipino suspect who was the driver of the vehicle was identified as Jesus Solinap Jr.

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