Video: Dog Who Acts Like Alyas Linda Begging To His Owner Goes Viral

Here’s A Video of A Dog Who Acts Like Alyas Linda Begging To Its Owner

ALYAS LINDA- A video footage of a dog who acts like Alyas Linda begging and whining to Butal which is his owner went viral on social media.

Dog Who Acts

The issue of Alyas Linda and Butal recently became the trending topic on social media. When a viral video was upload on facebook where Dimple “Moricillo Alyas Linda” accused Butal of alleged harassment.

The issue was also fired up when they face each other on the famous segment of Raffy Tulfo “Raffy Tulfo in Action”, where Butal filed a case against Alyas Linda. There was a part of the said segment where Alyas Linda is begging and crying for forgiveness on Butal, but Butal said: “Tuloy ang kaso” which became a famous word on social media.

Recently, a video uploaded on facebook become viral because of a dog who acts like Alyas Linda begging to Alexander Butal which is his owner. The video was uploaded by a Facebook user named “Marvin Abias Lero” on Wednesday.

As you can see in the video the dog act like Alyas Linda and his owner plays the role of Alexander Butal.  The owner is saying words similar to Alexander Butal said to Alyas Linda, while his dog is whining and acts the same as Alyas Linda Begging for forgiveness.

The video garnered 1.2 million views, 45k reactions, 7.1k comments and 42k shares on Facebook. Lots of netizens enjoy and laughing the said video.

Netizens expressed their reactions to the video. Here are some of their comments:

Dog Who Acts
Dog Who Acts

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