Witty Motorist Converts His Motorcycle Into Jet Ski-Siklo

Witty Motorist Who Converts His Motorcycle Into Jet Ski-Siklo Goes Viral

The witty motorist earned various reactions online after converting his old motorcycle into a Jet Ski, which he called “Jet Ski-Siklo”.

Filipinos were known as one of the most talented people not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. We are very popular all around the world because of our impressive skills and talent.

People from Philippines has exceptional talent when it comes to recycling garbage into a very useful item that we can use for our everyday work. Recycling could not only produce useful objects but can also reduce the waste pollution.

Witty Motorist

Recently, a Facebook user named Peewee C. Bacuño shared the photos and video of a witty motorist who converted his old motorcycle into a jet ski. The modified vehicle garnered various reactions from the online community.

A man named Sherwin used the old case of his jet ski and attached it on his motorcycle to create a modified vehicle he called “Jet Ski-Siklo”. The motorist already used the vehicle at Gagalangin, Tondo and he is now planning to take it to his resort at Tagkawayan, Quezon.

Witty Motorist

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  1. ipahiram mo yan kay LOLO DIGONG para naman tuparin niya yung sinabi niyang “mag JETSKI ako sa SPRATLYS at itatanim ko ang bandila nga Pilipinas”! hahahahahah


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