Pacquiao Visits Jack Ma’s Paradise Farm & Calls Out Mayweather

Jack Ma Invites Manny Pacquiao To His Paradise Farm

MANNY PACQUIAO – The legendary boxer and fighting Senator Manny Pacquiao and his team were invited to Jack Ma’s Paradise Farm.

Pacquiao Visits Jack Ma's Paradise Farm & Calls Out Mayweather
Image from: Jinkee Pacquiao | Instagram

Pacquiao’s schedule has been quite hectic lately. He visited a couple of provinces in the Philippines and announced his planned projects.

One of these was his plan to construct the “Pacman Village” in Bacolod City. This would be a housing project for the homeless in Bacolod.

And on Sunday, Pacquiao got a chance to visit Jack Ma’s Paradise farm. Along with him were his wife, Jinkee Pacquiao, and several others on his team.

Jinkee documented the majority of their luxurious trip and posted it on her Instagram. They were greeted like royal guests and were entertained by traditional Chinese Dancers and even magicians.

Pacman and Jack Ma even sang some karaoke together after dinner. Jinkee also had her duet with the Chinese Billionaire.

Pacquiao Visits Jack Ma's Paradise Farm & Calls Out Mayweather
Screenshot from: Jinkee Pacquiao | Instagram

Besides their social interactions, Jinkee also uploaded a video of Pacman training Jack Ma on her Instagram. In the video, he called out Floyd Mayweather.

“If you want a real fight, fight me”, said Pacman. He continued and said that if wanted an exhibition his friend, Jack Ma will take care of him.

The real “Manny Team”, quipped Pacman, taking a jab at Mayweather’s The Money Team. “I’m ready, any time, any place, Manny’s team is ready“, said Jack Ma.

Back in 2015, the Filipino boxing champion was beaten by Mayweather via unanimous decision. Since then, Pacman and his team were aching for a rematch.

Pacquiao’s team had recently said that they are trying to get the rematch in the works. However, the Mayweather camp denied the claims of Pacman’s team.

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