Duterte shocked after witnessing quarrel between Barretto family members.

BARRETTO FAMILY – President Duterte was reportedly shock after seeing the Barretto family members confront each other in front of him and their father.

It was supposed to be a solemn moment for the family members of the Barretto clan during the wake of their late patriarch including the moment of Gretchen Barretto visiting her father and pay her last respect to him. Moreover, an incident attended by President Rodrigo Duterte as well.

However, it all did not turned out well. Marjorie politely declined Gretchen to have a hand shake as requested by the president himself in an attempt to reconcile them as their misunderstanding is deep. Thus, Marjorie’s decision was understood but Claudine came in the picture and the commotion started.

While talking to some other members, Duterte was shocked to see with his eyes the quarrel between the family members where Gretchen retaliated when her niece accidentally pushed her amid the confrontation. Greta grabbed her niece by the hair and allegedly suffered a cut in the face.

As per a certain source based on ABS-CBN’s report, he shared, “He was shocked. On the way (to the wake) he was briefed that not all is well with the Barretto family; but maybe he was not prepared to see such a display.”

And here are some of the comments of the netizens to this based on an entertainment website:

Haaay this family. Not gonna pinpoint particular persons, lalahatin ko na lang, pero grabe sila. Haaaaaaaaay wala ako masabi. Kakaiba mga to.

I don’t blame Marjorie for snubbing Gretchen. They hurt each other too much these last year.

Hala, akala pa naman nang madlang people magiging OK na sila..Kalungkot naman😢💔Cgurado hindi na pupunta sa libing si Greta para iwas gulo/iskandalo…Haaay, grabeng pamilya ito..


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