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Here are the slang words millennials are using that they might not know are in the dictionary

These slang words that most of the millennials are using right now are actually included in the list of official words in the dictionary.

In this modern generation, young people are so quick to create new terms. Sometimes, they are just old worlds that gain new meaning according to how the millennials use it. However, this is the list of slang words that the modern generation might no idea they are now included in the dictionary, based on the article from Reader’s Digest.

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This term is short for “favorite”. According to Merriam-Webster, the truncation traces all the way back to 1938 but it was added in the dictionary just recently. Another alternate spelling for this is “fav”, eliminating the “e”.


This modern generation also has its funny way of producing words out acronyms, such as the TL;DR which means “too long; didn’t read”. This abbreviation is now used as a noun or adjective meaning summary information.


This term is the shortened version of “vacation” and is one of the most recent additions in the list of brand-new words in the 2019 dictionary. According to Merriam-Webster, this term was first used in 1991.


This term refers to the slang combination word, or “portmanteau,” which refers to the feeling of being angry when you are hungry. Merriam-Webster stated that this slang word has been used since 1918. Oxford English Dictionary supported this claim.


This is another shortened version of a longer word. Adorbs, came from “adorable”, was first used in 2008.


With the advent of streaming services, people are now binging on their favorite movies and series. Because of this, the new term “bingeable” surfaced.


This term does not refer to the pointy end of a bee but the short scene that appears during or after the closing credits of a movie or TV show.

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