Lady Customer Expresses Disappointment Towards Bloody Chicken Joy From This Fast-Food Chain

Lady Customer Posts Photos of Bloody Chicken Joy From This Fast-Food Chain

A lady customer has expressed her disappointment towards the bloody chicken joy from this popular fast-food chain.

Nowadays, fast-food chains have been very popular not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. Many people usually visit fast-food chains during their payday or special occasion.

Fast-food chains rose to fame after offering delicious yet affordable meals such as spaghetti, chicken joy, hamburger, and other mouth-watering food products. However, there are some customers who were complaining from the poor service quality of some food establishments.

Lady Customer

Recently, a Facebook user named Larabii Erni Arellano has expressed her disappointment after receiving a bloody chicken joy from the meal she ordered at McDonalds. She even posted the photos of her meal.

In the photos, it can be seen that the meal is well-served and looks delicious. Unfortunately, Arellano discovered that the chicken joy is bloody and raw inside although it was crispy and tasty outside.

Lady Customer

Here is the full post:

“NANINIWALA NAKO SA MANOK NA PULA !Ung ang sarap ng kaen mo tapos biglang ganto shemay ! ung labas luto pero ung Loob kaimbyerna
Ang crunchy nya pa tapos ganyan! inuna ko syempre Balat kainin kasi ang sarap tas pag dating sa loob ganyan! Zzzz diba Shindarry Villanueva”

Lady Customer

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