Gloria Diaz Reveals The Bitter Realities Of Beauty Pageants

GLORIA DIAZ – Miss Universe 1969 and new Insatiable guest star Gloria Diaz revealed some unspoken rules amongst the beauty queens.

Gloria Diaz Shares The Harsh Realities Of Beauty Pageants
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During a press conference for the second season of Netflix’s “Insatiable”, Gloria shared her experience as a pageant queen. According to Gloria, winners have the say.

Nobody remembers the runner ups, Gloria said. She added that after the pageant people might be talking about the first and second runner ups but after two to three years, people start forgetting them.

“It’s the Queens who take control”, said the award-winning actress. Apparently, this even held true even when it came to ordering their food.

She recalled one of her experiences when it came to ordering what to eat. She claimed that if the winner wants to eat “inihaw na baboy“, that’s what comes even if others wanted to order quinoa.

Stars of the Insatiable, Debby Ryan and Dallas Roberts said that they experienced first hand how “queens take control” after working with Gloria. Roberts said that queens take control to stay at the top.

The actor also learned that queens don’t ask permission for control or have to wait for it. Other cast members of the show also expressed how Gloria Diaz exuded an aura of control on the set according to an article by Philstar.

Debby also shared that the writers and the showrunners and executives from Netflix were really cool, strong women. She then added that working with Gloria made her realize that respect is not demanded but commanded.

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Insatiable Season 2 will be available for streaming On Netflix starting on October 11.

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