Pinoy OFW Dubbed as Hero After Stopping Out-Of-Control Catering Truck

Pinoy OFW Stops Out-Of-Control Catering Truck

A Pinoy OFW in Chicago, United States has been dubbed as a hero after he successfully stopped the out-of-control catering truck.

A brave Pinoy Overseas Filipino Worker goes viral after he successfully stopped the out-of-control catering truck to hit the plane at O’hare Airport International Airport that may injure the crews and passengers in the area.

The motorized catering truck went out of control after a water gallon falls into the acceleration pedal causing the vehicle to move alone, according to the result of the investigation. Several employees tried to stop the truck but they failed.

Pinoy OFW

Luckily, the Filipino airport worker identified as Jorge Manalang risks his own life to stop the catering truck using a tow tractor. The breath-taking action of the Pinoy worker successfully stopped the vehicle that prevent any unexpected incident.

Manalang said that he only performed his duty and responsibility to ensure the safety of both airport employees and passengers.

Pinoy OFW

‘When I saw the cart turning for almost a minute, I started to think how it could be stopped and I saw the pushback parked right on the nose gear of the aircraft,”Manalang said.

US President Donald Trump has also praised the Filipino employee for his act of heroism.

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