Nobel Peace Prize – What Is The Nobel Peace Prize (Answers)

Answers To The Question: What Is The Nobel Peace Prize

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE – This is regarded as one of the most prestigious awards given to the most celebrated international figures in history.

Nobel Peace Prize - What Is The Nobel Peace Prize (Answers)
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It actually started back in the 1800s. There was once a Swedish chemist named Alfred Nobel who was known as the inventor of dynamite.

From that point, he launched himself as a successful businessman and inventor. After 30 years, he accumulated massive amounts of money, however, he never married or had children.

When his lawyers opened his will, they were all surprised. In his will, he stated that he wanted his fortune to be used for five prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Literature, and Peace.

Nobel Peace Prize - What Is The Nobel Peace Prize (Answers)
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According to a video from TED-ed, these prizes illustrated his lifelong commitment to the fields of science and literature. But what about peace?

Some speculated that his reason for placing Peace as one of the prizes was because his name was linked to inventions made for war. Thus, some believe that he did this out of regret.

However, this has not yet been confirmed. This is because most of his inventions were also used for constructive purposes.

There were many historians connect his peace cause to his decade long friendship with an Austrian pacifist, Bertha Von Suttner. She then became the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Suttner was the leader of the International Peace Movement. In 1905, after Nobel’s death, she had won the award.

The Criteria for the Nobel Peace Prize included three things: Disarmament, Peace Congress, and Brotherhood between nations. Although, these were expanded to include ways of promoting peace such as human rights and negotiations.

A group or an organization could also be eligible to receive the award and not just one individual. According to the Nobel Foundation, valid nominations could come from various bodies.

These include members from a national assembly, state government, or international court. Nominators may also include university rectors.

The rectors could be professors of Social science, history, philosophy, law, and theology. Previous recipients of the award may also nominate.

However, details regarding the nomination remain secret for 50 years. There is a secret selection process that takes over a year.

This is carried out by 5 appointed members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. The members are also banned from having a political function in Sweden.

The Chairman then publicly announces the winner in October, then the awards ceremony takes place on December 10th. This marks the Death anniversary of Alfred Nobel.

The prize also includes a gold medal, inscribed with the Latin words Pro Pace et Fraternitate Gentium. Or in English “For the peace and brotherhood of men”.

The Nobel Peace Award also comes with a huge sum of money. This would run to about $1 million.

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