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What Is The Reason For Vice Ganda & Anne Curtis’ Biggest Fight?

VICE GANDA & ANNE CURTIS – Vice and Anne have been the closest friends for the longest time now and consider each other as family, but just like every family, they have gone through some rough fights as well.

Vice Ganda & Anne Curtis Share Their Biggest Fight
Image from: ABS-CBN

In an interview, the It’s Showtime hosts were asked “Nagkaka pikunan din ba kayo talaga or hindi na?”. Both Vice and Anne answered the question with a firm yes, however, they clarified what their answer.

According to Vice, they do have times where they get irritated which each other but not to the point where they get into huge fights. Anne then followed up saying “Asaran, yung asaran na walang kwenta“.

Vice added that they don’t fight that often because Anne is really sensitive and cries easily. Afterward, they revealed the reason for one of their biggest fights.

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You might not believe it, but after 10 years, the biggest fight between the two co-hosts was because of a watermelon shake. So what happened with the shake?

Apparently, there was an incident where Anne accidentally knocked Vice’s watermelon shake. The actress didn’t immediately apologize despite the comedian’s demands.

Anne then started to cry and said “Shake lang nag kaka ganyan ka?”. And Vice ended up being the one apologizing to Anne.

Anne was also revealed to be the dramatic type. In the interview posted on ABS-CBN, Vice said that when they fought, Anne sent Vice a long itemized text.

Anne then admitted that she opts for these texts because she could express herself more. She added that if she would confront people face to face, she easily breaks down and cries.

However, Vice said that Anne’s itemized message was too long to read. “Naka-itemize! Hindi ko na binasa. Ang haba, Ingles!”, said Vice.

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