Creepy Photo Of Young Child In a Bus Will Give You Goosebumps (Viral)

Check out this viral creepy photo of this young child.

CREEPY PHOTO – This creepy photo from this netizen’s child taken inside a bus with someone behind and at the back of the little girl went viral.

Truly, in this vast world, a lot of things remain unexplained while are still undiscovered. And this scary photo from a netizen is another creepy story that have given all the goosebumps to the netizens.

Creepy Photo

In the Facebook post from Admin Chai Spookify, she shared this photo of Venice, a little girl, who was taken for a photo while inside her bus and looking out the window. It was all seemingly pretty normal until her mother noticed something on the photo.

There are two Venice in the photo in different position. One is the little girl looking out the window, which is the “original”, while the other one is on the back of her seat which looks so much like her doing the shaka sign in her hand where the thumb and the pinky finger were stretched out and the three remaining fingers curled.

Creepy Photo

Also, another thing they have noticed in the photo is another head with the thick hair beside the little girl looking out in the window which really gave the creeps to the people.

The caption of the post states:

“Assembly time na yan ng lumabas ng bus si ER para mag vape. Pinicturan niya si Venice tapos sinend niya sakin sa messenger. Tinawagan ko siya agad sabe ko sino si Venice sa pic. Dalawang Venice ung nasa pic. Magkaiba ng pwesto. Sabe niya ha anong pinagsasabe mo. Chineck ni ER ung sinend nya at agad nyang binalikan si Venice sa loob para umuwi na sila. Yung totoong pwesto ni Venice ayung nakahawak dalawang kamay sa bintana. Yung nasa gilid na naka 🤙 na kamay at nakangisi, hindi si Venice un. Walang bata na nakaupo dun. Bakante. Meron din parang makapal na buhok sa likod nung totoong Venice.”

See the post below:–Em3HTOgGtGIC1A5-3X6Uq-BYlpnVakvC7DmwWPGSrX4k5uGb7th9ZbzRGf7jGuhnkfXIB2pERjNenEKkVXRggRVoD8pGI8uDG_26akU-yxKJUfaz7xql1mCI5QYqReWJcA1w_ifIfj18Kf-WkKLL-ocwZmHww2AQfLCuU4bBMMfzWUyS9ovEARw4n2TDbWPQUovZjJ-wX_iPP1Vl-Jb6XfA8VPmas2hU6EoE7W4p3BLppwXUs143A0iyZwZRMwW5xrw52FNsVaKeQuoAVcCjnvPKQHxGbzngyrNPmmyyfBs1BHjVMLC9AMD4KFhEMUbVvApCqMy091_2qN-IoED_o9w4fF&__tn__=-y.g


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