Tolentino Wants Filipino Songs Broadcasted In Areas Near West PH Seas

Tolentino Wants Pinoy Songs Aired Near West Philippine Sea

TOLENTINO – Senator Francis Tolentino made a suggestion that the government should air Filipino songs near areas occupied by China in the West Philippine Sea.

Tolentino Wants Filipino Songs Broadcasted In Areas Near West PH Seas
Photo taken from Motosha | ABS CBN News

Tolentino came up with the idea during the hearing of the Senate subcommittee on finance. He said that this way, the “occupant” would be reminded that they are in Philippine territory.

The senator suggested that at night, only Filipino songs should be played in radio stations in Palawan. He added that it would reach stations occupied by “alam ‘nyo na kung sino sa West Philippine Sea”.

“Yung nasa malalayong lugar na sa kanila raw ang nine-dash line”, Tolentino said. The nine-dash line is China’s basis for claiming that most of the West Philippine Sea is theirs.

However, this has already been invalidated by the Permanent Court of Arbitration. This authoritative body provides dispute resolutions services to the international community.

During this time, Sen. Richard Gordon was perplexed, learning that the govt broadcast station partnered with China Radio International. “Pambihira. Siguro kailangan tanggalan ng budget ito. Beijing?”, Gordon Said.

According to a report by ABS-CBN, Gordon said that Chinese broadcaster must be employed by the government. He added that the purpose of this is to educate Chinese about the Philippines.

He then gave emphasis that most illiterate Chinese have been taught that the Philippines is one of their provinces. “If you have a Chinese programmer, then you cite ang kasaysayan natin dito na hindi tayo province ng China, he added.

China has already built man-made islands in the heavily disputed Spratlys islands. This is due to their efforts to fortify their claims of ownership.

A Hague-based court supported by the United Nations in 2016 established that China’s operations violated the Philippine’s sovereign rights. However, Beijing ignored the ruling.

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