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Here’s how these two powerful women got involved with late Ninoy Aquino.

NINOY AQUINO – This is how the story goes of the late Ninoy Aquino with two of the most powerful women in the country – Cory and Imelda.

Philipine history icons Ninoy and Imelda, little did we know, are distant relatives and ever since, these two have already known each other. Before, the Aquinos would often visit the Romualdezs and the young Imelda would always serve the drinks. Another, in parties and events, these two were always paired up.

Ninoy Aquino

Imelda as “Rose Of Tacloban” won’t be called with that tag for nothing. She is undeniably really beautiful and it was then never a wonder why a lot of men would try to get her especially when she and her family transferred to Manila. And at such particular time, Ninoy was considered as a matinee idol.

Being one of the most eligible bachelors, Ninoy was given a task the moment he returned to the country from Korea and that is to escort some beauty queens. And just like their younger years, he was able to escort Imelda, a shy probinsyana. And since then, he started making a move to her.

Ninoy Aquino

In short, Ninoy and Imelda dated and he became one of the many suitors of Imelda. And there came Pete Cojuangco pursuing the probinsyana and who also happens to be the brother of Cory Cojuangco-Aquino. And through Pete, Ninoy and Cory met and admitted of being more interested to Pete’s sister than the girl they are winning.

And everything went a turn around for Ninoy. He helped Pete in Imelda and in return, Pete helped him to get closer to the very conservative Cory. And their love started to bloom. According to their youngest Kris Aquino, they only got engaged for 11 days. And there were rumors before that Imelda got bitter and hurt being “friendzoned” by the then most eligible bachelor of their time as per TV5’s History.

So, why did Ninoy stopped his pursuit to Imelda? He just reasoned out that she was too tall for him. And then fate led her to be the country’s first lady when she married former President Ferdinand Marcos who swept her off her feet.


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