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Here are some disturbing death facts that will give you the chills.

DEATH FACTS – Here are some disturbing facts about death that you might haven’t heard yet and will certainly give you the chills.

Everyone dies. However, it is accordingly not because of old age. It is because of the diseases brought about by old age. And everyone, most probably, is afraid to die and leave the world. And to know more about death, we listed down some facts about it.

Death Facts

Find out some disturbing facts below:

  • The body dries out the reason why hair and nails appear longer. Once you die, the supply of glucose is stopped, thus, stops growth of fingernails.
  • The smell of death are putrescine and cadaverine which is released when bacteria break down the amino acids ornithine and lysine.
  • Adipocere is the soft-like substance covering the body after death as the fat in a body decays under wet, anaerobic conditions decomposes. This is also called as grave wax.
  • “Hop the twig,” “yield the crow a pudding,” “snuff one’s glim,” and “climb the six-foot ladder,” – slang terms for death.
  • 153,000 people die everyday on average.
  • “Sky Burial” is where dead bodies are left on mountain so that birds could feast on them as per Factinate.
  • “First hunger and then thirst are lost. Speech is lost next, followed by vision. The last senses to go are usually hearing and touch,” says Hallenbeck in Palliative Care Perspectives about death.
  • The enzymes that break down your foods are the same enzymes that will eat you right after you die.
  • A human head after being decapitated is conscious for about 20 seconds.
  • Left handed people die 3 years earlier than right handed people.


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