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Coffee Versus The World! History From The Perspective Of Your Favorite Cup Of Joe

COFFEE – As of today, coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the entire world. There have been entire subcultures based on coffee and has greatly impacted our society one cup at a time.

Because of this, the coffee industry is worth over $100 Billion. In fact, coffee is the most sought after commodity right after crude oil.

Coffee Against The World! The Historical Roller Coaster Ride Of Coffee
Image by: Pulse

But did you know that coffee didn’t actually start out as the beloved morning pick-me-up we all know and love? Pretty unthinkable, however, that has never been more true.

According to an article by coffee connoisseur and independent blogger, Gabrielle Anne Tahum, the drink has been around since 800 AD. Since then, it has seen a lot of hot and cold moments (pun intended) in its career.

Coffee has been banned a handful of times. Mecca, Italy, Constantinople, Sweden, and Prussia were some of the places where the drink was banned.

Throughout its time, the drink has seen its fair share of slander attempts. Tactics used to defame the drink included racism, religion, fake science, severe penalties, such as being beaten, and even death.

In the 17th century, a group of women made a petition against the drink claiming it made their husbands enfeeble, weaker, impotent, and even too talkative. Although there have been debates if it were really the women who made the petition.

Some speculate that it might have been another attempt to give coffeehouses a bad reputation being that establishments like this are a central hub for people to socialize and talk about politics.

Coffee Against The World! The Historical Roller Coaster Ride Of Coffee
Image by: History Extra

Another key point here is that the drink became known as a stimulant for radical and critical thinking. Some scholars even say that the success of the French revolution has coffeehouses to thank for.

Another little fun fact about coffee is that it was once deemed satanic. Although Christian and Muslim religions don’t often see eye-to-eye, they both wanted to get rid of it.

During those times, clergymen pushed for the ban against the drink dubbing it as the “devil’s drink“, “liquid heresy”, and even “The bitter invention of Satan”.

Coffee Against The World! The Historical Roller Coaster Ride Of Coffee
Image by: American Cancer Society

The debates on the drink got so wild that Pope Clement VIII had to step in. However, in a whimsical twist of events, the Pope took a liking to the drink, claiming it was delicious.

He said that it was such a shame that only infidels could enjoy the drink. Afterwards the Pope in a witty attempt to cheat the devil, baptized coffee.

Thank to the Pope’s baptism, coffee was proclaimed as much of a Christian drink as it was a Muslim one. Because of this, coffee became more acceptable in the community.

This then paved the way for its growth to what is now one of the biggest industries in the world.

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