Give Me Your Heart For Christmas Lyrics By Jose Mari Chan (Video)

Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas Song Give Me Your Heart Lyrics & Video

GIVE ME YOUR HEART FOR CHRISTMAS LYRICS – Here are the lyrics and the video of this Jose Mari Chan Christmas song.

Are you also one of those people who are excited every time the -ber months start? As early as September, a lot of people are preparing for the Christmas season. It is the favorite time of the year of many people.

A lot of people are out to buy gifts for their loved ones most especially for the kids. Mall shopping becomes a bonding for families as every household prepares for the upcoming celebrations. Christmas parties and family reunions are set to happen.

Starting September, Christmas songs are usually played in shopping malls. Among those are the songs of Filipino-Chinese singer-songwriter Jose Mari Chan.

Give Me Your Heart for Christmas Lyrics by Jose Mari Chan
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One of the famous Christmas songs of Jose Mari Chan is Give Me Your Heart For Christmas. Here are its lyrics and as well as a video of the song:

Give me your heart for Christmas
Wrap it with joy and cheer
Let every beat sing to repeat
Our love will last each moment of the year.

Just… give me your heart for Christmas
Only your love will do
And with each sigh you’ll know that I
Have given you my heart for Christmas, too

And when it’s Christmas eve
We’ll sit around the tree
And hear the church bells ring
They’re ringing for you and me

So… give me your heart, darling, for christmas
Open it wide for me (just for Christmas)
And in return my love will burn
As bright as every candle on the tree

Give me your heart for Christmas.

Here is a video of Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas song posted on YouTube. It is in courtesy of “Israel Amor“.

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