Police Officer ‘Stabs’ Dog Over Mahjong Game In Davao

Police Officer ‘Stabs’ Dog to Death Over Mahjong Game In Davao City

POLICE OFFICER – An unnamed police officer allegedly stabbed the dog after losing a mahjong game in Davao City.

People preferred petting dogs because of their demeanor, personality, and willingness to provide unconditional love to their masters. In fact, they earned the title “Dogs are man’s best friend.”

We can’t deny that there are also people who don’t like dogs. In fact, they are sadistic towards them. They let them fight in a fenced ring until one of the dogs die.

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It’s not necessary to harm those animals, they can even be used in a search-and-rescue operation. In a previous article, 9 K9 dogs helped find the victims of the supermarket that collapsed after the massive earthquake in Luzon.

Recently, RMN shared a video of a poor dog that was stabbed by a police officer in Davao City. The video was shared on their official Facebook account.

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Based on a report from Sunstar, the dog named Gabriela was declared dead on arrival after being stabbed by a policeman in Magallanes, Davao. The cop went to the compound to play mahjong.

Ginggay Faune, a member of Pet Avenue group, said the poor dog was rushed to Shrine Pet Care Center. She said the cop was just a visitor in the compound to play mahjong.

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According to the report, Faune said the police officer got irritated after losing the game. He then allegedly vented out his anger towards Gabriela. She said the owner of the dog filed a complaint against the cop at the San Pedro Police Station. However, the dog’s owner seems reluctant considering the person involved is a cop.

Netizens can’t help but react to the video of the dog bleeding to death. Here are some of their comments and reactions below:

@Ralf Aresgado: “Pulis pero naka limot ka sa  batas na bawal pumatay ng aso”

@Cris Tall: “Kawawa naman yung aso, hindi nalang sana nya pinatay”

@Gerly Sardo Deguilmo: “hindi mo nalang sana sinali ang aso sa init ng ulo mo nung natalo ka sa mahjong”

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