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“Gwardiya Ka Lang”, Guard Retaliates On Woman After Getting Slammed

GWARDIYA KA LANG – A viral video shows a guard retaliating against a woman who lambasted the guard saying “Gwardiya Ka Lang”.

FB: /lawrence.remo.14

There are times when you cannot help but to feel mad when there are issues that are not dealt with, especially when they do not go the way they are supposed to happen

But we must be careful to not let anger consume our minds and hearts and get mad to those who are innocent in the issue or who is trying to ease the fire. Who knows how much patience will run out of those people?

Such is the case of this viral video today where a lady rants in front of the cashier in a fast food chain (possibly McDonalds based on the menu) simply because her food was not served.

In the video on Facebook by Lawrence John who also said that the video came from Facebook page RBREEZY, the woman is seen to have run out of patience because the staff made her wait for her food to be served in 5 minutes but never happened.

Someone in the staff (assumed that it was the manager) ordered to have the lady kicked out, which made the woman even more mad.

A guard approached to ease the situation. However, the woman redirected her anger to the guard, further saying that the guard is in no place to her problem. The guard still tried to help ease the situation but also lost his patience when the lady said this:



This enraged the guard and attempted to teach the woman a lesson. This, for some, seems to lead to a comedic turn when the woman’s anger turned into fear as she walks away from the guard pursuing her as she apologizes.

Here is the full video:

"GUARDYA KA LANG" WOW!tapos sorry sorry ka.📹: RBREEZY

Posted by Lawrence John on Monday, August 19, 2019

As of the moment, the video gained at about 17K reactions, 30K shares, and 613K views. Most netizens find the situation hilarious since most of them are “Haha” reactions. Here are some of the following comments:

“Hala. Bakit umalis yung manager, s’ya dapat umayos dun ng mahinahon. 😕”

Patrick Bartolo on Facebook

” ganto ka nalang magsorry hahahahha “

Niuca Balictan on Facebook

One netizen pointed out that the lady might possibly be mentally ill and that the manager should have ease the situation instead of hiding in the back.

” alamin po ntn yung kwento mentally ill ata yung babae ewan bkt *** manager nyan tumago sa likod, yung guard naman pinatulan din verbal lng yung sa babae, pero mauuwi sa physical.”

MacMac Valdez on Facebook

What do you think? How will you react to this? Let us know more about it.

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