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Commonly Asked Science Questions And The Answers To Each

SCIENCE QUESTIONS – In this topic, we will now know some of the commonly asked science questions kids ask and the answer to each question.


1. Why is the sky blue?

Answer: The world is surrounded by the atmosphere, which is mixed with gasses where most are nitrogen and oxygen. The light from the sun travels through the atmosphere, which makes the sky blue.

2. How much does the Earth weigh?

Answer: The total weight of the world is 13,170, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 pounds or 5, 973, 811, 512, 900, 000, 000, 000, 000 kilograms. In simple terms, it is 13 octillion and 170 septillion pounds or 5 octillion, 973 septillion, 811 sextillion, 512 quintillion, and 900 quadrillion kilograms.

3. How far away is the sun from the Earth?

Answer: The distance between the sun and the Earth is about 93, 000, 000 miles. Light takes eight minutes from the sun to the earth. In a jet, it would take 19 years to reach the sun and 177 years via car travelling 60 miles per hour.

4. What is a black hole?

Answer: It is an area in space where matter collapsed in on itself. It has a strong gravitational pull that sucks in everything, even light. When an individual touch its boundary called the event horizon, even just a tiny little bit, he/she will eventually get sucked in the black hole.

5. How do airplanes fly?

Answer: Although heavy, airplanes fly because there are different forces (the pushes and pulls) that makes it possible which are called lift and thrust. Lift occurs due to the variation in air pressure when flows under and over the plane’s wings, thus, lifting it up. Thrust is caused by the propellers moving the plane forward. Drag is opposed to the thrust, which is caused by air resistance. If the plane has more lift than its weight, it will rise. If it has more thrust than drag, it will gain more speed.

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