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Here’s Inday Barretto reaction over Julia Barretto issue.

JULIA BARRETTO ISSUE – The grandmother of the controversial actress Julia Barretto has reacted and lambasted her critics amid the cheating allegations.

With the star of the Kapamilya actress Julia Barretto shining brightly already, her malicious association with her “Between Maybes” leading man Gerald Anderson have put her on a bad light following her break up with former real-life boyfriend and on-screen partner Joshua Garcia.

In a previous article, Anderson have accordingly confirmed already that he is pursuing the actress to her father Dennis Padilla. And when his girlfriend for three years was asked about this, Bea Alonzo, in a statement, could only say that there was no formal breakup that have happened to them. He just stopped talking to her despite her reaching out.

And now, with the young actress greatly affected being accused as the third party in the celebrity couple’s relationship, her grandmother, Inday Barretto, has reacted to it and defended her against her critics and bashers attacking her online.

In a PEP’s report, here’s how Mommy Inday expressed her advice for Alonzo:

“if you cannot give Hard Evidence ti Support uour Accusations and INNUENDOS- bexause You Are a VICTIM Of Having Been LEFT and JILTED-?

“For heaven’s Sake — “Have it out with him or her- 1on1 (sampalin mo) INDI Na, YOU FEEl Fancy free to Take It Out On Any ONE/ Bully ing the Wrong Target — Because— “REALLY NOT EVERONE CAN BE BULLIED can BE THREATEND – Or BE MADE TO PAY FOR A DEBT THAT Is NOT HERS BECAUSE In THE END – THE WORLD HAS TWO COURTS TO BRING US TO “ONE MANNED BY JUDGES and LAWYER and ONE BY THE COURT OF KARMA”

“The members of my Family thanks to God Are: Beautiful, Well bred, Well Groomed, Intelligent and articulate”

“Also- friendly and amiable which draw people to them (to mention a few)

“Do You Honestly Think, they Even Have To FLIRT Pa with What Humans” Seek/

“What- nagbubuhat ako ng BANKO? BUT OF COURSE!!! TINATAPAKTAPAKAN Nalang kung simong sinong Mga Demonyo?”


“As For Others-look To Uourselves, Everyone has their Own Beauty – if UOU Can’t Find The Value Of What You Have thus Feel Insecure – I Suggest Maghanap kayo Ng PANGIT Or Better Still – ITALI NIYO BLINFOLD THE EYES”

And here’s how Mommy Inday accordingly handled the basher:

“Once and for all— and FOR ALL who are Human at matalino Indi malisyoso— This Bea Gerald brouhaha- is THEIR War/Between Maybe The Two Of Them/ ONLY!”

“Nobody and Nothing Can Break A NON BREAKABLE”

“History says these is their third break up after a movie of Herald with Arci Munoz/ and Pia wurtsbuck- and Now JULIA?”

“None of my business tho BUT JULIA IS MY BUSINESS! She Is Blood and flesh Julia is Not answerable here- Gerald is- and then ahain That Is Between Bea and Hom”

“I Am Calling/ washing the GERMS Off Your Dirty MOUTH And Throwing Lysol to Clean uour Putik Mind”

“Sumusobra ka Gago sa mga Bintang mo na gawagawa O’ Napulot mo sa Basurahan na Sinusukahan ng masasamang Tao na mga Bitter at Loser sa Buhay

“at Sino naman AKO? Ako si Inday barretto Grandmother ni JULIA/ 83 Yrs old

“indi ako tumanda para lang maupo at pakinggan ang mga attack ng mga masasamang MaLIGNO kagaya mo”

“Lumabas ka at Harapin mo ako harap harapan/ tingnan natin kung KAYA mo mang BULLY Sa Isang “kala mo lang Matanda- HUH”

Watch the video below:

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  • Ping Box August 3, 2019, 9:53 pm

    Ay! hopefully One-day Mag kabalikan sila in God’s well. I am fans with bea and Julia…..

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