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Kanazawa – A Combination Modern, Ancient, And Fantastic Cuisines

KANAZAWA – Whenever you want to go to a modern place with a bit of an ancient touch, topped with fantastic cuisines, then Kanazawa is the right for you.

It is the capital city of the Ishikawa Prefecture in the “Land of the Rising Sun” Japan. According to an article in ANC, this city, facing the Sea of Japan, deserves more recognition since it is lesser known compared to the modernized Tokyo, Kyoto which is known for historical events, and Sapporo which is known for its delicious cuisines.

Kanazawa is the combination of these three cities as this city has the modern perks of Tokyo, ancient temples like the ones in Kyoto, and the fantastic cuisines like Sapporo.

Since this is not also swarmed by tourist crowds, this is the perfect place to stay away from tourist crowds.

As per the report, it is now reachable from Tokyo, thanks to the Horikaku Shinkansen, which it would take three trips via Nagano through the tunnels and under the Alps. Even from the station, you can see and appreciate the edge over Tokyo .

As for the scenery you can have a little glimpse of Ancient Japan as you walk on a weekday in Eastern Chaya, the “teahouse” district where geishas used to entertain guests. Kenroku-en, one of the three best gardens in Japan lies just across the Asano River. From there, you can walk through the city’s Castle Park and the Nagamichi District where the lord’s samurai used to live.

Image from: Japan Guide

For modern feels like Tokyo, you can visit the the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art which showcases art from all over the world, or you can check out the box-shaped, award-winning Kanazawa Umimirai Library.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. Photograph from Wikimedia Commons | Image from: ANC

As for the cuisines, there is a variety of seafood you can try, especially the nodoguro, ebi, buri, engawa, and the mouth-watering chu-turo. you can also visit the Omicho market, which is 10 minutes away from the Kanazawa station.

Omicho Market. Photograph by Kimon Berlin on Wikimedia Commons | Photo from: ANC

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