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Here Are Some Popular Songs We Used To Sing That Were Actually Dark

SONGS – Depending on the kind or which genre it belongs, music always leaves a certain feeling to the listeners by its tunes and beats.

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For instance, slow jazzy songs leave listeners feeling relaxes, while upbeat songs bring out the feelings of joy. However, there are songs which lyrics depict a different mood or exactly opposite of its tune or beat.

If you’re looking for playlist suggestions, consider this list of songs that are perfect for the rainy days.

There were also many songs that were misunderstood by listeners due to its catchy beats. Since the tune of the music sometimes drowns other elements, people tend to neglect the actual lyrics.

There are many upbeat songs out there that are actually sad and depressing.

Here’s a list of songs that we used to sing a lot but are actually dark or inappropriate:


The hit song by the pop music artist Lady Gaga became so popular, people all over the world started singing it. But with in a revelation she shared herself. The song was not in any way about playing with cards. She admitted that the real idea of the song was about love making.


The song topped the charts back in 1985 after it was released. It the song, the persona appears to be reminiscing moments of his summer back when he was young. But later in 2009, he admitted that the song was never about the year, he said that the song was about love making in summer.


Here’s a very popular song that everybody used to sing back in the days. The song circulated everywhere back in the days. But it then caused controversy among people. Mattel back them even tried to sue the record inc. for allegedly violation laws and trying to turn Barbie into some kind of object.

These are just some of the songs that were listed in an article from Ranker.

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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