Ruffa Gutierrez’s Daughter Lorin Clarifies Not Using Dad’s Surname in Showbiz

Why is Lorin Gutierrez, daughter of Ruffa Gutierrez, not using her dad’s surname in showbiz?

RUFFA GUTIERREZ – Lorin Gutierrez clarified why she is not using her father’s surname in showbiz.

Actress-beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez has two(2) daughters with her former husband, Yilmaz Bektas. Their daughters are Lorin and Venice – now both grown-up young ladies.

It is no secret to the public that Ruffa and Yilmaz separated. Their two(2) children are leaving with their mother in the Philippines.

The Gutierrez is one of the most prominent families in the Philippine showbiz industry. Thus, it will not be a surprise in case Lorin and Venice would also follow their mom and join showbiz.

In showbiz, Ruffa Gutierrez’s eldest daughter Lorin does not use her dad’s surname which is Bektas. To this, some people are curious why she is using Gutierrez and not Bektas.

Recently, in a vlog, Lorin clarified why she is not using her father’s surname in showbiz.

According to Lorin, her close friends, classmates, and the people close to her know that she is using Bektas. She did not change her last name and using Gutierrez in showbiz is a collective decision between her and her management.

In her vlog, she also denied that she does not know how to speak Tagalog and she gets whatever she wants.

According to the eldest daughter of Ruffa Gutierrez, she knows how to speak Tagalog and their mom raised them in a way that they would know how to budget their money.

Lorin Gutierrez stressed that her mom buys their essentials and even more than it but they do not go to malls to shop everything they want to buy. Here is the vlog of the actress-beauty queen’s daughter:

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