Are Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres planning to have another child?

RICHARD GOMEZ – The married celebrity couple Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres reveal whether they are planning or not of having another child.

With the advancement and innovation of technology nowadays, people can benefit a lot with it, as such, when it comes to having a child, they are now able to freeze their eggs and decide when they would want to have the baby. That’s how wonders of science work.

Other celebrities who were able to have a baby through science are Joel Cruz, married couple Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas, and also actress Iza Calzado had her eggs on freeze already. Of course, this procedure would definitely require a huge amount of money.

In a previous article, the fragrance mogul Joel Cruz who now have eight children – 3 sets of twins, Zeid, and his youngest born in Russia – all of them were conceived through in vitro fertilization. With the expenses, he had to spend millions coming from the initial amount down to extra procedure needed to be done.

Now, are married couple Richard Gomez who is 53 years old and 44-year-old Lucy Torres also considering the same procedure to have another baby to give their 18-year-old Julianna a sibling?

In a report from PEP, the couple are having hesitations. They have nothing against the procedure but Lucy said that if it’s God’s will it would happen. She wanted to get pregnant and give birth naturally and Goma himself is also not comfortable with the thought that other people is carrying their child.

He said, “Ayoko kasi ng surrogate mother, e. Kasi, alam mo yung… blood transfusion nga lang, coming from another person, meron kang mapi-pick up from that person. What more if that child grows inside another person? Maaaring yung traits nung bata, makuha niya yun dun sa nag-carry.”

Meanwhile, Lucy said that she is not yet sure if they will consider it or not for in her perspective, she had laid it all down to God and His will. All her life, she trusted God to guide her and if it’s His will and meant to happen, she will embrace it and if it won’t, then so be it.


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