Jimmy Bondoc Gives Reaction As House Freezes ABS-CBN Franchise

This is the reaction of Jimmy Bondoc as House freezes the franchise of ABS-CBN

PAGCOR official Jimmy Bondoc gave his reaction as the House of Representatives froze the ABS-CBN franchise known as the Kapamilya network.

It can be recalled that Jimmy went controversial when he posted about his excitement to see the impending closure of the biggest TV network.

Though he did mot mention the name of the network on his post, everyone knows that he is talking about ABS-CBN.

Jimmy Bondoc
Photo lifted from Jimmy Bondoc’s Facebook Page

Because of that, several netizens, as well as celebrities from the Kapamilya network lambasted him.

Despite the criticisms, Jimmy continue to stand firm on his views as he claimed that the network should answer issues regarding the alleged debt and harassment.

A recent report stated that the House froze the franchise of the network which will expire after nine months.

It is known to many that President Rodrigo Duterte is vocal about his grievances against the network. This is a major factor why the legislative franchises committee appeared to be nonchalant on this matter.

ABS-CBN Franchise

An anonymous member of th committee had this statement:

They have to thresh out and resolve their issues with the President. That’s the key to get the bill moving.”

In line with this news, Jimmy Bondoc expressed his thoughts through a lengthy post.

He reiterated that people may lose job but the network should have followed the laws.

Jimmy also associated his post to the celebration of Independence day.

For him, the country and its people do not notice the manipulative force that is taking over.

What power these networks hold.

“Yet, they are left in the hands of almost totally unregulated companies. Of course, this will lead to abuse. OF COURSE. What do you expect?” a portion of his post stated.

Here is the post of Jimmy Bondoc.

Jimmy Bondoc post

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