Jennifer Lopez Stunned By Pinoy Teen Group’s Performance On WOD

Pinoy Teen Group Impresses Jennifer Lopez on Performance, Mission

JENNIFER LOPEZ – Celebrity judge Jennifer Lopez was stunned by the performance of the Pinoy teen group on the World of Dance.

Latina dancer, actress, and singer Jennifer Lopez is one of the famous superstars in the US. She is also one of the highest-paid celebrities in Hollywood.

The entertainer did a bunch of movies including “Second Act,” “The Boy Next Door,” “Selena,” and “Maid in Manhattan” among others.

Jennifer Lopez
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Currently, Jennifer Lopez is one of the judges of the largest dance competition, World of Dance. She judge the show alongside NE-YO and Derek Hough.

The contest brings dancers of any genres together to discover the talented dancers anywhere in the world.

The World of Dance
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Meanwhile, a contestant from the Philippines VPeepz junior dance crew wowed the judges of the World of Dance, especially Jennifer Lopez.

The Filipino young dancers stated that their mission was to promote diversity, unity, and love all over the world.

“You guys are honestly going to change the world and make it a better place,” said Jennifer.

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VPeepz junior dance crew got a lot of positive feedback from the American judges, therefore, they got into the “Duels” round.

“This is why I have so much hope for the future of this world”

“These kids at this age… made me realize that they’re so far above where we were, in our thoughts and in our minds… They’re going to take care of our future world and generation,” she added.

Netizens were also amazed by the performance of the World of Dance contestant from the Philippines. Here are some of their comments on the post:

@Nicola Hsu: “This is so amazing! This got to be one of my favorites of the night”

@Aaron Tsang: “JLo just determined season 3’s winner”

@den-yim moli: “The kids were sincere… i love their routine love their mission statement”

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