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Date Published:

4:55 PM January 14, 2019

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4:23 PM January 15, 2019

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Viral Video of Girlfriend Who Caught Her Boyfriend With His Alleged Other Woman

GIRLFRIEND – A video of a girl who caught her boyfriend with his alleged other woman inside a mall went viral on social media.

Undeniably, to cheat with another person is one of the most painful things that someone can do to the person he or she is in a relationship with. It can leave the person questioning his or her worth for being replaced.

Some of those who experienced being cheated knew about it from family and friends while others saw it before their very eyes.

A viral video on social media seemingly showed the latter. The said video which instantly circulated online was posted on the Facebook page of RMN Iloilo,

Based on the caption of the post, the girlfriend caught her boyfriend with his alleged other woman. The video is credited to a certain “Von Odtujan”.

In the viral video, it could be seen that the girlfriend could be hardly stopped by her boyfriend from attacking the alleged other woman of the guy.

She was grabbing her hair while attacking her. The boyfriend tried to stop his girlfriend while hugging and protecting his alleged other woman until another man helped to stop the incident inside a mall.



Posted by Rmn Iloilo on Sunday, January 13, 2019

The video of the girlfriend catching her boyfriend with his alleged other woman went viral on social media. As of this writing, it has already reached more than 95 thousand views and three thousand shares.

Here are some of the comments on the post:

Gen Semilla Tibs: “Ga hmbl lng kmu lain sa girl ky wla kmu sitwasyon na, kaluoy lng gd ang ido ya [You were saying negative against the girl since you don’t know her situation. Pity dog]..”

Herbert Barrato: “Instead tumulong cla SA pag awat naging masaya pa cla hay naku now dismaya! [Instead of helping stop the woman they were happy about it, dismayed]”

Lannie Garcia: Ti mga double timer da. Nami an kamo sina? Ang sakit sa nangin biktima nyo indi kaladlawan [For two timers there, are you happy about it? It’s painful for the victim it’s not funny]”

What can you say about it? You may express your thoughts or reactions through the comment section below.

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