Ang Probinsyano: Romulo Dumaguit Promises To Gen. Diana Olegario

Romulo Dumaguit Makes Promise To Gen. Diana Olegario

ANG PROBINSYANO – In the latest episode of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, Romulo Dumaguit made a promise to General Diana Olegario.

Undeniably, the l0ve affair between the characters of Lito Lapid and Angel Aquino in the ABS-CBN primetime action-drama television series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is bringing romantic excitement to the viewers.

Lito plays the character of Romulo “Pinuno” Dumaguit and Angel plays the character of General Diana Olegario in FPJAP. Recently, their roles in the hit primetime TV series have been open about their feelings to each other.

The Ang Probinsyano scenes of Pinuno and General Olegario have sparked lots of comments from the netizens. Most of them felt “kilig” over the progress in the relationship between the two characters.

The latest episode of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano showed Romulo Dumaguit and General Diana Olegario going home to their companions after spending time together. They brought with them the fishes they got from fishing.

Their companions teased them when they arrived and the two characters were just all smiles. They proceeded to cook the fishes they got.

Ang Probinsyano
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The Ang Probinsyano casts enjoyed their time together while cooking and they can’t get their eyes off from each other. Gen. Diana Olegario also praised Romulo Dumaguit for being excellent in cooking.

Angel Aquino
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Romulo and Diana talked that it seems that their companions noticed the change on how they treat each other. For his part, he expressed that they are already old but Gen. Olegario insisted that women should be courted first.

“O sige Diana, nangangako ako, habang buhay kitang liligawan,” Romulo Dumaguit promised to Gen. Diana Olegario in Ang Probinsyano’s latest episode.

Here are some of the comments on the FPJAP episode posted by ABS-CBN Entertainment on YouTube:

Kenneth Bullos: “Isda lang ba nabingwit hahaha”

Emerson Basawil: “Galing tlga n [talaga na] Leon Guererro..wlng [walang] kupas..hehehehe..”

Ishabelle Manalo: “Aaayyyyiiiieeeeee….. pinakabagong love team!!!! At may theme song na sila…. i-ASAP na yan!!!!!”

Shaina Jasmine Necosia: “Eto, na naman tayo General at pinuno.”

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