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3:00 PM December 6, 2018

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10:26 AM December 6, 2018

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Spend a memorable week at El Dorado Beach Resort in Dauin, Negros Oriental.

DAUIN’S EL DORADO BEACH RESORT – Vacation seldom comes so when it does, make sure to hit the mark and spend it in an awesome way – like visiting one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Dauin, Negros Oriental, the El Dorado Beach Resort.

Although there are lots of beach resorts around the country which can be considered as ‘amazing’, there is none like the El Dorado Beach Resort which bears a very unique and elegant concept.

“Drop that pen and start making a beautiful reality happen.”

The El Dorado Beach Resort can be found in Washington Street, Dauin, Negros Oriental in Visayas. It is one of the widely-visited beach resorts that never fail to impress the vacationers and make them want to come back for more.

The concept of this beach resort is not just a unique one, the designs are undeniably captivating. It is really very appealing for someone who loves to incorporate elegance and fashion with nature.

Almost every area at the El Dorado Beach Resort is a spot that you would surely not want to leave from without snapping a shot.

“Make memories. Take photos. Enjoy life.”

The resort’s Kalachuchi Beach Restaurant, Bellringer Bar and Lounge, and Hotspot Poolbar Treffpunkt are just three of the resort’s beautiful spots. They do not only provide spectacular views but also delicious foods and drinks.

You will surely love the Kalachuchi Beach Restaurant’s Mongolian Bar-B-Que and the fine good drinks at the Bellringer Bar and Lounge and Hotspot Poolbar Treffpunkt while enjoying a relaxing talk with the people you’re in a vacation with.

There are also other activities that can be done in this resort aside from swimming and spending a good time in their resort. They offer spa services such as Bentosa with massage oil, Thai massage, Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, and a lot more.

Furthermore, playing billiard, table tennis, and board games can also be done in the resort.

The El Dorado Beach Resort has lots of rooms that are available for those who wish to spend a day or more in this relaxing haven. It has standard, superior, family, premium, penthouses, and a dormitory.

The rates of the rooms varies based on features and number of persons that a room can accommodate.

Standard Room (1 person: Php. 2,150 / 2 persons: Php. 2,750)

Superior Room (1 person: Php. 2,800 / 2 persons: Php. 3,400 / 3 persons: Php. 4,900)

Family Room (2 persons: Php. 3,700 / 3 persons: Php. 4,300 / 4 persons: Php. 4,900)

Deluxe Room (1 person: Php. 3,800 / 2 persons: Php. 4,400 / 3 persons: Php. 5,900)

Premium Room Regular

(1 person: Php. 5,200 / 2 persons: Php. 5,800 / 3 persons: Php. 7,300)

Premium Room with Open Garden Shower

(1 person: Php. 5,350 / 2 persons: Php. 5,950 / 3 persons: Php. 7,450)

Premium Room with Private Garden

(1 person: Php. 5,200 / 2 persons: Php. 5,800 / 3 persons: Php. 7,300 / 4 persons: Php. 8,800 / 5 persons: Php. 10,300)

Premium Room Seaview

(1 person: Php. 5,750 / 2 persons: Php. 6,350 / 3 persons: Php. 7,850)

Premium Room Seaview with Jacuzzi

(1 person: Php. 6,300 / 2 persons: Php. 6,900 / 3 persons: Php. 8,400)

Penthouse Suite

(1 person: Php. 8,900 / 2 persons: Php. 9,500)

Dormitory (Php. 1,300 per bed space)

If you wish to make a prior reservation to El Dorado Beach Resort, you can visit their official website for details on how to contact them.

How to get there?

From Cebu/Manila City to Dumaguete City

You can reach Dumaguete City through air travel. Simply book a flight bound for Dumaguete.

From Bacolod City to Dumaguete City

You can ride a bus bound for Dumaguete at the Ceres Bus South Terminal.

From Dumaguete City to El Dorado Beach Resort in Dauin

The resort offers free pick up from Dumaguete Seaport and Airport.

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