DOH Proposes Tobacco Tax To Increase Yearly To Stop Filipinos From Smoking

Tobacco Tax To Increase Yearly to Stop Filipinos From Smoking -DOH Proposes

DOH – The Department of Health (DOH) proposed to increase the tobacco tax yearly to stop Filipinos from smoking.

Smoking is very harmful to people’s health even to non-smokers who inhaled the tobacco smoke. A person who is smoking has a possibility to obtain lung cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

The government made a move to prevent people from engaging to that very undesirable vice by creating a nationwide non-smoking law. However, some Filipino still continue to smoke despite the implemented law.

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Based on a report from Rappler, DOH Undersecretary Eric Domingo expressed that they must increase the prices of tobacco. In that way, people will somehow think of quitting smoking because it’s expensive.

The petition of the DOH was accepted by the House committee Estrellita Suansing and Miro Quimbo last November 27.

However, Batangas 4th District Representative Lianda Bolilia and Congressman Anthony Bravo were against the proposed increase of tobacco price.

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On this coming December 4 (Tuesday), the second reading of the proposed bill will be attended by the House committee.

Tobacco price increase means the excise taxes will also increase and the government could also benefit from the proposed bill.

If the bill is approved it would mean that the P32.50 cigarette pack will cost P37.50 in July 2019. The increase of P2 tax per year is until July 2022, therefore, P45.00 will be the price of a cigarette pack on that year.

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Based on the report, DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III already approached President Duterte to approve the bill. He said the rise of the tobacco tax will support the funds of the Universal Health Care (UHC) program.

The strategy would not only help their advocacy to stop Filipinos from smoking but it could also support the funds of the UHC bill.

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