19 Filipinas Face Arrest After Attending Halloween Party In Saudi Arabia

19 Filipinas Arrested After Joining Halloween Party In Saudi Arabia

19 Filipinas and five foreign men are now facing arrest after attending a secret Halloween Party at a private resort in Saudi Arabia.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) is now verifying the reports about 19 Filipinas in Saudi Arabia got arrested after joining a Halloween party.

The Filipina nationals together with five foreign nationals from Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, and Egypt, may face not less than one-year jail sentence if charged with organized witchcraft activity or immorality.

Halloween Party

The Facebook page “Patnubay Online” shared a post reporting that the Saudi police arrested 24 people including 19 Filipinas wearing Halloween costumes during a private event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Some are wearing nun’s habit with ghastly white linen on their faces and wearing clothes with messages such as “I will kill you.”

Halloween Party

Two Saudi male organizers reportedly invited the 19 Filipinas and friends to join a Halloween party, which prohibited in Saudi Arabia.

There are also reports that Saudi police reportedly raided the event after several citizens complained about the loud music from the party.

Halloween Party

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