Abby Binay Exposes Why Monsour Del Rosario, Rico J. Puno Left Her Party

Mayor Abby Binay exposed Monsour del Rosario, Rico J. Puno’s reasons of leaving her party

Incumbent Makati City Mayor Abby Binay exposed that reason why Representative Monsour del Rosario and Councilor Rico J. Puno left her party.

Abby Binay exposed Monsour del Rosario , Rico J. Puno
(Photo source: Pang-Masa)

The three politicians were formerly on the same alliance. However, Monsour and Rico is now choosing the side of former Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay.

It was reported previously, that the Binay siblings are aiming for the same position for the upcoming 2019 elections.

Abby Binay / Junjun Binay
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Apparently, they were already conflicts between them. Politicians in Makati already took which side they chose.

Based on the article published in Pang-Masa, Mayor Abby Binay revealed why Monsour del Rosario and Rico J. Puno switched side.

According to the Mayor, she and Monsour already had a conflict of interest early this year.

Monsour del Rosario
(Photo source: SPIN)

“Monsour and I had a falling out early this year. Dati pa. I felt that he wasn’t working. He was really more focused on his Taekwondo, ‘yung Olympics, whatever. Na parang hindi siya nararamdaman sa district, so nagkaroon kami ng desisyon na maghiwalay,”  the daughter of Jejomar Binay said.

She added that for 2 years Monsour has not done anything and that people of Makati can barely feel his presence.

When asked about Rico J. Puno’s decision to transfer to Junjun Binay’s side, Abby Binay said this:  “Si Rico J. naman, unfortunately, he has been very very sick and he has decided to go with the 13 other councilors who left me. Pero kasi si Rico J, he was supposed to run under my ticket for Councilor. Ako, ang sinasabi ko parati, “Rico, magpagaling ka” kasi grabe ang abuso sa katawan,”

Rico J. Puno
(Photo source: PEP)

The Makati City Mayor also said that Rico was rushed to Emergency Room more than 4 times, based on the article.

“I don’t know how he can still campaign. I wish him the best. I’m hopeful that he prioritizes his health more than anything else. Kasi ‘yung trabaho, anhin mo ‘yung trabaho kung hindi ka makapagtrabaho,” she said.

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