Jason Abalos and Vickie Rushton recalls how they were destined to meet each other 8 years ago in Bacolod Masskara Festival

Actor Jason Abalos and beauty queen Vickie Rushton were destined to meet each other in Bacolod Masskara Festival 8 years ago.

Jason Abalos Vickie Rushton

(Photo source: @thejasonabalos IG)

The said festival in the city of Bacolod, the capital of Negros Occidental, happens every October.

8 years ago, Jason was one of the celebrities who graced the occasion. That was also the time when he met the girl who made him fall in love.

Destiny came knocking on their door. Almost a decade ago, they were just strangers to each other but now they are making romantic memories together.

Jason Abalos Vickie Rushton 8 years ago

(Photo source: @thejasonabalos IG)

On the recent Instagram post of the actor, he shared the memory when he first met the woman who captured his heart.

Jason Abalos shared a photo in which he was with Vickie Rushton on stage.

The beauty queen was just a student back then and she was wearing her school uniform that time.

“8 years ago fan na fan lang kita tapos umakyat ka pa sa stage para ikaw kantahan ko kilig na kilig ka pa nga eh tapos nanligaw ka na dumadalaw ka sa manila galing bacolod,” the actor captioned his post with this.

Because of this memory, several of their fans gushed about their relationship.

Here are some of the comments of netizens to the post of Jason Abalos.

(screen grab from @thejasonabalos IG)

Vickie Rushton also shared her reminiscence of the time she met the love of her life.

On her recent post on Instagram, she greeted her boyfriend, “Happy friendiversary!”

Here is her caption: “8 years ago today I met this amazing man. Little did I know he would change my life forever.”

Indeed, Jason Abalos and Vickie Rushton are destined to be with each other and their sweetness proves the strong bond they have.

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