Iya Villania Brings Newborn Son Leon To Hospital

Iya Villania Brings Her Newborn Son To Hospital For G6PD Confirmatory Test

IYA VILLANIA – Host and a mother of two, Iya Villania, brought her newborn son to the hospital for G6PD confirmatory test.

TV host Iya Villania married her 10-year boyfriend Drew Arellano who is a mainstay of the Kapuso network. The couple is blessed with two boys – Primo and Leon Arellano.

Iya gave birth to her second child Leon last August 19, 2018.

The proud father immediately posted his second son’s picture on social media on the same date it was born.


All newborn babies are mandated to have their newborn screening. Blood samples are taken from a prick on the baby’s heel. Taking the sample should be done 24 hours after birth.

The early diagnoses and treatment of the disorder that may not show obvious symptoms to the baby is the reason why the Newborn Screening test is mandatory for all the newborns.


On an Instagram post, it shows that Iya Villania brought Leon for a confirmatory test for G6PD or glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.

G6PD is an enzyme necessary for the proper function of red blood cells. An individual with G6PD deficiency has red blood cells which are more prone to being destroyed.

Baby Leon’s followers on Instagram flooded him with so much love. Netizens prayed that he will be fine soon and wishes his result will turn up just fine.

Here are some of the comments from netizens:

geceljessica: “No need to worry about it momma. My son is g6pdd. Some people may think it’s a disease, it’s only a deficiency”

ohdaisy_dee: “Welcome to the club! It will get you paranoid but all will be okey”

venusssd: “Everything will be well baby”


Surely, waiting for the medical result can be stressful for moms. Iya Villania has been doing what is necessary for her child for she wants to give all her son a very healthy and happy life.

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