This is Scarlet Snow Belo ‘s “feel na feel” acting of ‘The Lion King’s’ ‘Hakuna Matata’

Celebrity Scarlet Snow Belo re-enacts a scene from Disney animated movie ‘The Lion King’.

Scarlet always captures the attention of her social media followers. Netizens find her adorable with amazing abilities beyond her age.

The baby has also become a source of happiness especially to mothers. Her recent stint on social media is a song from ‘The Lion King’.

Scarlet Snow Belo

She showcased her “feel na feel” rendition of ‘Hakuna Matata’ which the characters of Timon and Pumbaa performed in the movie along with Simba.

Vicki Belo posted the candid video on her Instagram account. Scarlet Snow did not know her performance is being filmed.

“Good morning everyone !! Here’s something to make you smile @scarletsnowbelo singing , acting and dancing “ feel na feel”. Thank you @marchenrichgo for catching this cute candid video,” Vicki wrote.

The three-year old daughter of Vicki with husband Hayden Kho showcased her singing, dancing and acting talents.

Scarlet also featured her story-telling expertise as she related what happened on that particular scene.

Aside from that, the celebrity baby seems to be well-familiar with the scenes and it is obvious how she re-enacted the actions.

Her facial expression also showed how she enjoyed relating the story.

Watch the video of Scarlet Snow Belo’s “feel na feel” ‘The Lion King’ re-enactment.

Because of this adorable video, netizens expressed their “gigil” to the cute celebrity baby.

“So adorable Scarlet. wish you can learn to speak more in tagalog” – IG user @dentarocks

“Omg scarlet your so talented my day is complete again coz i see again your video in instagram..thanks doc vicky and doc hayden for always sharing your video with your cute and adorable scarlet” – IG user @guerreromalou72

“Omg!!! Gigillllllllll overload!!! U’re such a cutie and my happy pill always! Luv u my baby sweetieluv” – IG user @iamchandrina_t

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