VIRAL: Exhaust PIpe Used As A Saxophone By Man Sparks Netizens’ Reaction

Video Of Man Pretended To Play A Saxophone Using An Exhaust Pipe, Sparks Reaction From Netizens

EXHAUST PIPE- A man went viral on social media after he used an exhaust pipe and hilariously pretend to play a saxophone.

It’s nice to have an instrument you can play with. You get to play your favorite songs with your instrument as long as you know how to play both the song and the instrument.

However, what if you don’t have an instrument to begin with and you don’t have enough money to buy one? The answer is to use your imagination and creativity.

This is what one man did when he wanted to play a song with a certain instrument. A Facebook page named ‘Pinoy Rap Radio’ recently posted a one minute and a half long video of what appeared to be a man playing saxophone.

In the video, he used an exhaust pipe and pretended to play a sax as the background music plays along, which went surprisingly well.

As of the moment, the video received at about 300 reactions and 271 shares. Here are the comments on the video:

Czarinamae Nabung: ??yung sobrang pag kahaling di mapigilan tumugtog?” 

Lily Melancholy: “Tambuchophone..”

Rommel Dela Paz: “Lol! Is he pretending to be Kenny G?” 

Rea Lorraine Roxas: “Ung background music ang ngdala???” 

Markwin Samson: “Anong chix pipe gamit mo sir ganda tunog ehh…ahihihi”

What do you think?

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