Xian Gaza Introduces His New Gorgeous Girlfriend To The Public

Social Media Icon Xian Gaza Introduces His New Gorgeous Girlfriend

The social media star Xian Gaza has finally introduced his newest gorgeous girlfriend to the public yet garnered various reactions online.

Xian Gaza is a social media star who rose to fame after asking the Filipina actress Erich Gonzales for a coffee date.

Unfortunately, Gaza has been involved in different issues and controversies including scammer and con-man accusations.

Xian Gaza

Xian Gaza

Currently, the alleged scammer is now facing legal charges and complaints after found guilty of violating the Bouncing Check Law.

Recently, Xian Gaza has finally introduced his newest girlfriend Irish Tan and confirmed their relationship on his social media post.

The 24-year-old internet star said that he loves Irish despite her flaws and imperfections despite there are some bashers sending the old photos of his girlfriend.

Xian Gaza

Xian defended his girlfriend and explained that he fell in love with Irish’s personality and he doesn’t care about what other people say.

Xian Gaza

Here is the full post:

Recently I’ve been receiving a lot of negative comments and private messages about my girlfriend. May mga nagsesend pa ng mga screenshots and photos up to this hour. Let me clear this once and for all because you’re all just wasting time and effort.

Idgaf kung dati siyang w@lker. Idgaf kung dati siyang esc0rt. Idgaf kung meron siya naging mga sponsors. Idgaf whether totoo lahat ng ito or pawang gawa-gawa lamang.

I love her as a whole including all her flaws & imperfections. I love her entirety including her past whether it’s positive or negative. I love her from head to toe including her unico hijo.

I fell in love with her character sa kung sino siya, hindi sa kung ano siya. So whatever she is in the past, that’s on her and who is Xian Gaza to judge?

My focus is the gift of today that we’re together that’s why it’s called “present”. I will love her and take care of her towards the best version of herself in the future.

Inspite of all my devastating experiences in the past, here I am again taking risk and all out. Ganun naman talaga diba? Na sa kabilang ng mga takot at sugat ng ating nakaraan eh patuloy tayong susugal at mananalig na sana ay siya na nga… na sana’y ikaw na Irish yung bigay ng Diyos na matagal ko ng dinarasal.

Happy Birthday and I love you so much”

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