2 Traffic Enforcers In Makati City Attacked By Rude Couple and Their Bodyguards

A rude couple and their bodyguards allegedly attacked two traffic enforcers after apprehending them over violation in Makati City.

In Makati City, a businessman together with his wife and bodyguards allegedly attacked two traffic enforcers for flagging them down over a traffic violation.

Makati City police reported that the businessman identified as Arnold Padilla get out of his Mercedez Benz then spit and cursed the traffic cops.

Rude Couple

Padilla’s wife Glocel Razon and their three bodyguards hit the traffic enforcers until they moved away from the vehicle with a plate number of “GS-3370”.

The traffic enforcers explained that they flagged down Padilla for beating and ignoring the red light along Magallanes Village heading to the northbound extension on EDSA.

Unfortunately, Padilla cursed the enforcers and even called them trash even after he committed a traffic violation.

Rude Couple

The enforcers filed legal charges of physical injuries, unjust vexation, coercion and threats against Padilla.

The traffic cops also filed complaints of direct assault against Glocel Razon, Bernabe Casido, and Padilla.

Padilla is one of the persons closely monitored by the authorities over alleged involvement on illegal drugs.

The businessman has pending cases of murder charges (2008) and theft (2015), according to a source.

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