Berna Espinosa On Child Abuse Accusations: “Aksidente Lang Ang Nangyari”

“Aksidente Lang Ang Nangyari,” Berna Espinosa Respond On Child Abuse Accusations

Berna Espinosa, the woman who was allegedly responsible for abusing a young child respond on accusations saying “Aksidente Lang Ang Nangyari”.

Previously, the video footage of a young child abuse victim spread like a wildfire on the social media and garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the innocent child suffered from hematoma, bone fracture, wounds, and physical injuries. Actress Jennylyn Mercado is one of those who want to help the child.

The 3-year-old kid was pointing her father’s live-in partner named Berna Espina responsible for the incident.

Recently, News5 interviewed Berna Espina who denied the accusations and explained that it was only an accident.

“Siguro pa dun sa aksidente, nauntog po si Mariel pagtulak ko sa pinto ng CR,” Espina said.

Berna also explained that she did not hurt the kid although she was disciplining the young girl sometimes.

Michaela Lopez, the auntie of the young kid revealed that Berna was physically abusing the child.

The father did not give any comments regarding the issue involving his daughter and live-in partner.

Marimar Quilap-Quilap, the child’s mother will file charges against Berna and her former boyfriend and will also appeal for the kid’s custody.

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