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8:54 AM July 11, 2018

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8:54 AM July 11, 2018

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Travel + Leisure’s List of 2018 World’s Best Islands Includes 2 Philippine Islands

PHILIPPINE ISLANDS – The Travel + Leisure magazine recently released its list for the 2018 World’s Best Islands and it included two islands in the Philippines.

The Philippines is undeniably one of the countries around the worlds which has lots of beautiful places like the Palawan island. Undeniably, the beautiful island is one of the places that has attracted lots of foreign vacationers.

Based on a report, one of those foreign celebrities who have visited Palawan is boxing hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather.

Palawan is a home to white-sand beaches and excellent resorts and hotels that are truly a perfect place for vacations most especially during the summer season.

Philippine Islands Palawan

Palawan | Photo lifted from Travel Moments

Based on the recent post of New York-based magazine Travel + Leisure, the said island has topped the list of the best islands in the world in 2013 and in 2017. Recently, the magazine has released its list for 2018 World’s Best Islands.

Based on a recent report on GMA News Online, the list is the result of the global readers’ survey conducted by Travel + Leisure magazine. Two Philippine islands are included in the list – Palawan and Cebu.

Although Palawan did not top the list, the magazine reads that “it remains in fine company”. With a score of 90.4, it landed on the sixth place. Its sister island Cebu landed on the eight place with a score of 89.10.

Philippine Islands Cebu

Cebu | Photo lifted from Cebu Informer (Source: kimleesam under Creative Commons License)

According to the report, the top 3 islands on the list, Java, Bali, and Lombok, are in Indonesia. With a score of 95.28, Java topped the 15 best islands in the world listed by the New York-based mag based on the survey.

Here are the islands included in the list based on Travel+Leisure:

1. Java, Indonesia (Score: 95.28)

2. Bali, Indonesia (Score: 94.06)

3. Lombok, Indonesia (Score: 93.88)

4. Maldives (Score: 90.48)

5. Waiheke, New Zealand (Score: 90.21)

6. Palawan, Philippines (Score: 90.04)

7. Mauritius (Score: 90.00)

8. Cebu, Philippines (Score: 89.10)

9. Paros, Greece (Score: 88.76)

10. Tasmania, Australia (Score: 88.70)

11. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador (Score: 88.53)

12. Cook Islands (Score: 88.52)

13. Orkney Islands, Scotland (Score: 88.50)

14. Maui, Hawaii (Score: 88.42)

15. Azores, Portugal (Score: 88.37)

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