List Of Possible Substitute Players If 9 Gilas Pilipinas Players Will Be Banned In FIBA

Possible Substitute Players Of Gilas Pilipinas Players If 9 Players Involved On Brawl Will Be Banned In FIBA

Here is the list of possible substitute players if 9 players of Gilas Pilipinas will be banned by FIBA due to the brawl with Australia.

Over the past few days, Gilas Pilipinas had been the headlines of both international and local news outlets because of the awful brawl against the Australian team during the FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifiers.

The FIBA brawl garnered various reactions from sports fanatics and even popular personalities who expressed their opinion regarding the incident.

Gilas Pilipinas

9 Filipino players have been ejected from the team and four Australian football players have removed from the game after the brawl.

Gilas Pilipinas has three current players as of now if the nine players involved on FIBA brawl will be banned.

Gilas Pilipinas

Here are the 17 possible substitute players to play on the FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifiers’ second round this coming September 2018.

  • Marcio Lassiter
  • LA Tenorio
  • Paul Lee
  • Christian Standhardinger
  • Ray Parks Jr.
  • Ranidel de Ocampo
  • Jarred Dillinger
  • Matt Ganuelas-Ross
  • Mac Belo
  • Kobe Paras
  • Troy Rike
  • Abu Tratter
  • Mike Tolomia
  • Greg Slaughter
  • Norbert Torres
  • Raymond Almazan
  • Kevin Ferrer

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4 thoughts on “List Of Possible Substitute Players If 9 Gilas Pilipinas Players Will Be Banned In FIBA”

  1. There are lots of good players that can be tapped like those mentioned in the list of possible substitute particularly L(removed)iter,Ray Parks,Almazan,Slaughter,Paul Lee etc.players who are good in 3 point shooting as shown by all other teams.Quickness and good defensive player is also must for international games.Lastly team owners should not be selfish and allow their players to join if choosen for the goodness &honor of the .country.

  2. My choice are = Greg Slaughter, Kobe Paras, Ray Parks, La Tenorio, Paul Lee, Troy, Ranidel de Ocampo, Kevin Ferrer and Abu Trater

  3. LA tenorio/Christian S./Greg S./Kobe Paras/Raymond Almazan/Marcio L./Gabe N./Ray P./Paul L./Kevin F./Abu Trater and Scottie Thompson


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