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Veteran Journalist Philip Lustre Jr. Explains The Scene Of Lady Kissing Ninoy Aquino Before His Assassination

The veteran journalist Philip Lustre Jr. has explained the scene of a lady kissing late senator Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino prior to his assassination.

The proper context of a woman kissing Ninoy Aquino has been explained by the journalist Philip Lustre Jr. elaborating all the necessary details and information.

At first, Lustre said that he covered the assassination of Ninoy Aquino on August 02, 1983 as well as the aftermath.

Philip Lustre Jr.

The journalist explained that he even covered the series of protest mass actions against the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and the long public hearings regarding Aquino’s murder.

Lustre has also featured a video of airplane interviews that serves as an evidence presented at the Agrava Commission.

The veteran news anchor revealed that two Filipino women passengers took fancy of Ninoy Aquino. The two women plant playful kisses to Ninoy Aquino to ease its anxiety.

Philip Lustre Jr.

Aquino responds playfully saying  “Naku lagot ako kay Cory”.

Here’s the full story:

“PROPER CONTEXT. This is something I could speak with authority. I was a journalist, who happened to cover the Aug. 21, 1983 assassination of Benigno Aquino Jr. I also covered the aftermath of his assassination, which included the series of protest mass actions against dictator Ferdinand Marcos and the year-long public hearings of the five-man fact finding commission that probed Ninoy Aquino’s murder.

One of the pieces of evidence presented at the Agrava Commission was the video of the airplane interviews with Ninoy Aquino and even certain light moments, while the China Air Lines plane that carried Ninoy Aquino and a number of passengers went to the Philippines. A crew of the ABC News, one of the three biggest TV networks in the United States, was with Ninoy. The crew was headed by Jim Laurie. Ken Kashiwahara, who was Ninoy’s brother-in-law and then married to sister Lupita, was with Ninoy Aquino too.

Two Filipino women passengers recognized Ninoy Aquino and took fancy of him. Ninoy Aquino was a man of great charisma and when the two ladies saw him, they buzzed him without any provocation. I saw the video several times. The two ladies were wishing him good luck too. It was later explained that the two women noticed how anxious Ninoy Aquino was. They felt that planting some playful kisses would ease the anxiety, which was then clearly etched on his face.

Even Ninoy Aquino responded playfully to those advances done inside the plane. “Naku lagot ako kay Cory,” he told the two ladies. The people who surrounded them laughed of course. The late Time newsmagazine correspondent Sandra Burton was with Ninoy Aquino at that time. Japanese freelance writer Kiyoshi Wakamiya, Ninoy Aquino’s friend, was also with his party that did a circuoutous trip before finally landing in Manila.

Some parties were trying to blacken the memory of a dead man, who has no chance to defend himself. This is not new to me. I am always the first to stand up to say that they have to man up and say whatever nasty things to persons, who are very much alive. What they are doing to a dead man is an act of cowardice.”

Philip Lustre Jr.

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