Netizen Shares Horrible Situation Of Public Transportation In Iloilo

Netizen Shares Horrible Situation Of Public Transportation In Iloilo

A concerned netizen has shared the horrible situation of the public transportation in Iloilo, showing how a female nurse was forced to sit on jeepney’s floor.

Nowadays, riding a public jeepney is one of the most common methods of transportation in the Philippines, which are usually trapped in traffic jams.

Unfortunately, the worsening traffic scenario in the country making it more difficult for the commuters to ride a public utility vehicle every day.

Public Transportation

Recently, a Facebook user named Gil Francis has uploaded the photo of the horrible situation of the public transportation in the province of Iloilo.

The video and photo show how the poor female nurse sits on the jeepney’s floor just to go home after reporting to her exhausting duty.

Francis expressed his sympathy for the nurse, knowing that the public health nurses in the country are working without salary or sometimes underpaid.

Another netizen named Sam Baudelaire has shared the post of Gil Francis and expressed her sentiments on the social media how the Filipino nurses suffer.

Here is the post:

Hi sir. I am Sam( not my real name). As a nurse I would Thank You for posting this picture. I think this will serve as a social awareness of the situation of public transportation and life of nurses here in the Philippines. We nurses struggle from College , Licensure Review, Board Examination and till the Employment. Allocation of budget for health and salary of Nurses is not a priority here in the Philippines. We are forced to work without pay or we are working underpaid.

No nurses here in the Philippines can afford to buy car if he/she will just depend on his/her monthly salary. Unless you are on the higher position earning 30k pesos plus yes you can have a car of your dream but you have to eat like a beggar for how many years. So a typical nurse commutes everyday.

Me, a jobhire/contractual nurse earning 9k pesos plus tax. How do you think I should live and act in this society. I can’t even gave a good amount money for my family because my salary is only enough for my daily allowance, fees, and my ” UTANGS which is INEVITABLE “.

In situation like this, nurses are force to apply and work abroad because we will not survive working here in the Philippines( SAD TRUTH) .

If we continue to work here, our parents will die without experiencing comfort of life because our salaries cannot compensate the needs of our families.

That time when you took my picture. I just wanted to go home as fast as I can. So that I can rest and prepare again for my next day shift. I think sitting at the foot of the jeepney is the only way I go home as early as possible without waiting for the next jeepney. I feel so sad but happy seeing my picture posted by someone I didn’t even know because this picture shows everything how a typical Nurse live and survive here in our country.”

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