Concert Producer Explains Expensive Ticket Prices for Celine Dion’s Concert in Manila

‘Celine Dion Live 2018 Tour’ Producer Joed Serrano dropped details concerning the concert ticket pricing.

CELINE DION- Celine Dion’s concert producer in the Philippines Joed Serrano explains why the concert tickets are expensive.

Celine Dion, also known as the “Queen of Movie Themes” is an award-winning singing icon popularly known for her hit song “My Heart Will Go On”, one of the official soundtrack of romantic movie Titanic’.

The singer has bagged many international recognitions including a whopping five Grammy Awards and still remains one of the best-selling artists of all time.

As mentioned in a previous report, the world famous superstar is finally coming to the Philippines on July 19 for the ‘CELINE DION LIVE 2018 Tour’. This is after her supposed concert in the country last 2014 was canceled due to the worsening condition of his late husband Rene Angelil.

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Based on a report from, Joed Serrano, concert producer of the upcoming Celine Dion Live 2018 Tour recently confirms that Filipino fans will finally get to see the Hollywood icon in her first ever concert in the Philippines.

However, many of the singer’s aficionados complained about the alleged outrageous price of the concert tickets.

Amidst all the complaints, Serrano truthfully admitted that the singer’s ticket prices are not quite budget-friendly. A VIP ticket would require one to shell out at least P35, 000.00, which Serrano branded as “Mahal talaga”.

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The producer then went on to explain to the fans the reason behind the costly ticket pricing. According to him, it may be because this was the first time for Celine Dion to take on the Philippine stage.

He further added that a concert of an internationally-acclaimed star like the artist rarely happens in the country, so fans would not let such an opportunity pass despite pricing issues.

“Yung mga local, kahit taun-taon silang mag-concert, okey lang. Yung kay Celine, minsan lang kaya ganun yung presyo,” he said.

Celine Dion’s concert is scheduled to take place this coming July 19 and 20 at the Mall of Asia Arena. Thousands of Filipino fans are expected to occupy all the seats to revel in the powerful performances of the 49-year old Canadian singer.

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