Netizen Who Shared Nadine Lustre’s Video Reveals Side Of Story, Says “Walang may interesado kay James Reid”

The netizen who uploaded Nadine Lustre’s video revealed her side of the story.

NADINE LUSTRE – The netizen who shared the video of Nadine Lustre “pushing” a female fan away from James Reid reveals her side of story.

According to a previous article, the young actress Nadine Lustre was caught on video “pushing” a female fan away from her boyfriend James Reid.

The video was taken at an event where the love team and real-life couple at the same time were mobbed by their fans for a photo.

Thus, igniting speculations and various accusations towards Nadine Lustre.

Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre
Photo lifted from Facebook/ Red Reid

In a follow-up report, where a longer video has been posted, the clip showed that Nadine was just actually standing in a corner waiting for the fans to take a photo with her boyfriend.

But based on the post, James looked at Nadine as if asking for help to get him out of the situation and the actress, immediately knowing what James meant, came to the rescue.

The netizen even defended that what the actress did is just right for she is a girlfriend and being a girlfriend you won’t just let other girls “flirt” with your boyfriend right in front of you.

James Reid, Nadine Lustre
Photo lifted from Pinoy Parazzi
Nadine Lustre, James Reid
James Reid’s Instagram Account
Nadine Lustre, James Reid
James Reid’s Instagram Account

Thus, the uploader of the video has revealed her side with regards to the controversy.

Karen Gonzaga, the uploader, has posted on Facebook and indicated that it was actually their table and it was the Kapamilya love team going to them.

They got no bad intentions and they were just having fun.

It was just the JaDine fans making a big deal out of the shared video.

“Im not Jadine fan pero hndi din ako hater nla.Inuulit ko masaya lng tlaga kme that night at walang may interesado kay James Reid,” she said.

Read full post below:

Nadine Lustre
Photo grabbed on Facebook/ Karen Gonzaga

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