Full, Uncut Video Of Nadine Lustre Controversially “Pushing” Female Fan Away From James Reid

Netizen shares a full video with regards to the controversy of Nadine Lustre and a female fan.

NADINE LUSTRE – Here is a full video of an event with regards to the issue of Nadine Lustre controversially “pushing” a female fan away from boyfriend James Reid.

With all the criticisms being thrown at Nadine Lustre, the actress remained true and never faked something about her and in her.

Nadine Lustre is definitely one of the most famous young actresses of today’s generation and yet one of the most controversial as well.

She is the other half of the prominent love team JaDine along with the actor James Reid.

Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre
Photo lifted from Interaksyon
Nadine Lustre
@nadine IG

James Reid is her love team and her real-life boyfriend as well and they have been in a relationship for a couple of years already.

Their chemistry is not just in front of the camera but even behind it as well.

And based on a previous article, the actress allegedly tapped a female fan away from her boyfriend James.

Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre
Photo lifted from Facebook/ Red Reid
Nadine Lustre
Photo lifted from Facebook/ Red Reid

The female fan is holding up her phone to take a selfie with the actor but Nadine suddenly butts in and tapped away the arm of the fan.

However, in a post on Facebook by Red Reid, a netizen defended the actress saying that Nadine as a girlfriend for James just did the right thing.

In a video posted along with the post, the netizen described that while the fan is taking a photo with the actor and mobbed by their fans, James was looking at the actress as if asking for help to get him out of the situation.

And Nadine, who accordingly understood what James’ stares meant for, came to the rescue and did it.

Read full post below:

Nadine Lustre
Photo grabbed on Facebook/ Red Reid

Watch the video:

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