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Jacob Meir Finally Addresses Issue During LA Fashion Week Involving Kiana Valenciano

Designer Jacob Meir Finally Addresses Scamming, Racial Discrimination Issue During LA Fashion Week

Jacob Meir addresses the controversy involving Kiana Valenciano.

JACOB MEIR – The Pinoy designer Jacob Meir finally breaks silence on the issues of scamming and racial discrimination involving Kiana Valenciano.

In an Instagram post is where Angeli Valenciano has shared the official statement of Jacob Meir with regard to the issue about scamming and the rude treatment to Pinay models during the LA fashion week.

In a post, the designer Meir has said that he does not owe a penny or even  $100,000 to the producer of the show Erik Rosete.

And the accusations about him being a scammer is true, he is challenging Rosete to publicly post the pieces of evidence that will prove that he is.


“Mr. Rosete has falsely accused me of owing him or scamming him of more than $100,000. If there were any truth to this, then he should have no problem with showing proof of any invoices, billing statements, contracts, canceled checks or any other evidence that I owed him any sum of any, and I am publicly challenging him to do so. I am quite confident he won’t do that because he knows that such evidence does not exist. I DO NOT OWE HIM a single penny.”

And with regards to the racial discrimination, in the document, Meir further wrote, “The truth about why my models, hair and makeup artist left, according to witnesses, is because Mr. Rosete and his staff treated them with rudeness and insults, due mostly to their Filipino ethnicity, and were verbally accosted with comments like, “This isn’t Manila Fashion Week,” and “I don’t want these Filipinas to walk the runway.”

Read the full statement below:

Jacob Meir
Photo grabbed on Instagram/ Angeli Valenciano
Jacob Meir
Photo grabbed on Instagram/ Angeli Valenciano

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