Puregold Employee Jailed Over Stealing, Eating Cupcake & Sandwich Due To Hunger

Puregold Employee Arrested Over Stealing, Eating Cupcake & Sandwich

A Puregold employee got jailed for allegedly stealing and eating a cupcake and sandwiches during lunchtime due to hunger.

The 31-year-old Joaquin Edilberto got arrested after eating cupcake and sandwiches he allegedly stole inside of Puregold Supermarket in Valenzuela City.

Edilberto was allegedly caught in the act while eating the cupcake and sandwiches amounting P80 without paying for it.

Puregold Employee

The supermarket employee and a resident of Caloocan City said that he was already very hungry during that time; 12:35 to be exact, which is usually the lunchtime of most employees.

PO3 Laude Pillejera said that the Puregold employee was charged with qualified theft for committing the act.

Qualified theft under Article 310 of the revised penal code is charged to anyone who steals from the establishment who had given their full trust to the suspect.

Puregold Employee

Puregold’s supervisor Armando Burgos is the one who would represent the business establishment during the hearing.

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